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Dreamers. Innovators. Teachers.

This camp is taught by VEX Robotics Team captains of the nationally appraised Irvington Robotics Academy. These leaders are skilled in numerous aspects of robotics through the creation of internationally recognized robotics projects, coaching and mentoring younger students through all steps of the robotics design process, and spending countless hours themselves building, modeling, programming, and competing at tournaments with teams from around the world.

Part of the Irvington Robotics Academy using their skills to compete nationally in the VEX Robotics competitions.

Several members showing off their miniature Arduino-based CNC drawing tool at the Bay Area Maker Faire in 2018.

Ansh Verma

Hi! I am a rising senior at Irvington High School, and head of this summer camp. Technology is influencing the world in amazing ways, and I want to get the next generation involved in this process. As a Taekwondo and tennis instructor, I have been helping students reach their physical and mental potential for four years. As a seasoned instructor, I wish to combine my teaching experience with my technological knowledge, and help students in this summer camp learn more about robotics, programming, and 3D design. Through doing/learning from data-analysis programming at a UCSF research lab, and spending countless hours designing/building to compete in national robotics competitions using Arduino, and VEX hardware/software, I have ample information to teach!

Sandesh Shrestha

Hi, I am an upcoming senior at Irvington High School. Through several years of developing and teaching successful coding and robotics projects, I have become professionally fluent in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Python. Additionally, in an effort to spread my passion for robotics, I founded an international teaching program that brought the LEGO Mindstorms framework to developing schools. I have become competent in using Linux, Java, and Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) through Autodesk Inventor. Additionally, I have ample website design experience in HTML and CSS. Through this summer camp, I want to combine the vast technological knowledge I have with my experience teaching robotics and managing teaching programs to help students get interested in technology at a young age! Hobbies include playing guitar, violin, & piano, playing PC games, building custom PCs, and drinking milk tea.

Patrick Ding

Hi! I am an upcoming senior at Irvington High School. I have a lot of experience with Arduino and C programming, having made many small projects and taken summer programs on these topics myself. I plan to use the experiences I had as a student to make this year's Irvington summer camp better than the programs I took. I am also adept at using Autodesk Inventor, an industry standard Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, as I have taken Engineering Design courses and worked with it in my own free time. Through robotics, I have gained experience working with electronics as well.

Shrijani Vemulapally

Hi, I am a rising Junior at Irvington High School. I have been involved in robotics for 3 years now. I did one year of Lego robotics and two years of VEX robotics. Additionally, I made two mobile applications using app inventor and participated in International Competitions. At the same time, I am also fluent in Java,and Robot C. The main reason I chose to do robotics is because it is an application of all three types of engineering, software, mechanical, and electronics, and through this summer camp I would like to give young kids a chance to experience all the three types of engineering meshed into one discipline.

Divyank Shah

Hello, I am a rising junior at Irvington High School. I have been involved with the high school robotics team for two years. During the two years, I was able to learn much from the mentors about simple and complex mechanical, hardware and software aspects and concepts. I also have experience with programming in C and C++. In addition, I have been able to teach and educate students about robotics, allowing me to gain the necessary teaching experience. Overall, I have chosen robotics over other STEM-related activities, since robotics is able to efficiently integrate the different aspects of hardware and software and really show the relationship between the two.

Kanishk Chinna

Hi, I am currently a rising junior at Irvington High School. I’ve always had an interest in technology and so I spent 2 years at Irvington Robotics, where I’ve learned many things that I hope to be able to pass on. Furthermore, I have an understanding of the Arduino microcontroller and the circuitry needed for it along with some knowledge of python. I genuinely enjoy robotics and the interaction between the software and the hardware that bring a cohesive and simply striking creation.

Yeiji Lee

Hi, I am a rising senior from Irvington High School. From my four years of experience in Irvington Robotics, I have gained considerable skills in CAD, build, automation, and etc. Because my love for robotics and technology was perpetrated with the help of my community, I only found it fitting to help children, who are just touching the surface of the wonders of STEM, to find their love for it as well. From my experience as an archery coach, STEMrichment volunteer, and a part-time tutor, I have worked with students of all ages to reach their full potential while giving them a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Though I am never going to be the best engineer, I hope that our students will be inspired by their time spent at our Arduino Robotics Camp and used those experiences to further their future aspirations.

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